Type: Competition 
Client: Concentrico Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design
Program: Urban Installation
Location: Logroño, Spain
Size: 11 m2
Year: 2021
Status: Idea​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
A Wall for All is an ephemeral urban installation by the Ebro river in the town of Logroño, Spain. Traditionally, the term "wall" is associated with the notions of separation, division, obstacles... However, in this project this connotation is transformed, becoming an inclusive element for all urban actors that inhabit the Ebro river promenade. 
The wall comprises a series of nooks and crannies that favor social interaction and can be used by human agents living in the city, and by non-humans who reside in the Ebro river.

Site Section


North Elevation

Longitudinal Section

South Elevation

Transversal Sections

Urban Actors

Construction Process

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