Type: Proposal
Program: Landscape Recovery
Location: Segovia, Spain
Size: 88 000 m2
Year: 2018
Status: Idea
In collaboration with: María Moreno Repiso
Emerging Landscapes transforms a brownfield into a diverse ecosystem by restoring the existing biotopes. The project consists of an elevated walkway that connects the different users with the surrounding nature. The lifted trail stitches a series of attractor points that create an interwoven landscape of connectivity. These attractor points introduce a program that merges the human and the environmental realms while acting as an ecological catalyzer.

Site Impressions

Site Plan

Site Evolution

Aromatic Garden


There are three main trails: the student, local, and tourist paths. The student path connects the nearby university with a student housing area and hosts an extension of the environmental clubs. The local path links an entire neighborhood with the river park. Finally, the tourist path brings the surrounding landscapes closer to the historic town.

Path Width Variations

Path Activities

Vegetation Catalogue

Structure Variations

View from the Bridge

Section Detail

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