Type: Competition 
Client: Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat
Program: Sleeping Pods
Location: Amieira, Portugal
Size: 26 600 m2
Year: 2021
Status: Idea​​​​​​​
1. Prefab Modules
Forest Village is a project composed of a series of modular pods at Vale de Moses. Instead of creating a single modular pod that can be replicated with no modifications, the pod is subdivided into smaller low maintenance modules that can adapt to multiple conditions: location within site, orientation, landscape views, multiple users, accessibility... This enables the pods to be cost-effective, as each design is individually tailored with modular parts, while providing the ability to create a wide range of pods, although most of the pods are individually sized to 15 m2.

2. Typological Configurations
The prefab modular system enables a wide range of typologies to be formed while allowing all pods to be different. The individual pod counts with the basic requirements of all pods: a landing ramp, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a self-sufficient installations module; which is in charge of the services of the pod. The family pod includes an additional bedroom module, while the group pod is composed of several bedrooms to accommodate larger groups. All typologies can also include a balcony module to experience the natural surroundings.
3. Site Adaptation
Each of the pods is shaped in response to a series of natural site conditions. Due to its thriving forest ecosystem, the pods have a minimal footprint and all of its modules are oriented in between the trees; so that no trees are cut down within the site, while maximizing the stunning views of Vale de Mose’s landscapes. The pods have a positive impact on their immediate environment, as they self-clean the operational grey water using active carbon filters; which ends up irrigating and activating the forest’s ecosystem below.

Site Plan

Site Section

Individual Pod Plan

Individual Pod Section

Construction Process

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