Publication of Rural Alchemy in IE University. The project was awarded Best Final Thesis Project of the Bachelor in Architecture. Recognized for achieving the Best Final Project of the Bachelor in Architecture having registered the highest grade. See the full article here.
Rural Alchemy is located in Docenario in Extremadura, and is a group of handcrafted spaces which merge the area’s natural beauty with artificial nature, using methods such as third-nature design. The project hopes to encourage immigration to the area by offering a diversity of jobs for a variety of skill sets and levels of education, addressing the ongoing problem of depopulation in rural Spain. Aside from this, Rural Alchemy also acts as a source of revenue for the local economy.
The project, which takes an ecological approach to its design, uses techno-social systems to fuse human and artificial production with the natural environment. This introduces new and creative, yet sustainable, technologies into the region to both develop the landscape and encourage population growth.
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