Interview and publication of Rural Alchemy in Archinect titled "B.Arch Graduate Jose Lacruz Vela​ Modernizes the Spanish Countryside​​​​​​​", as part of the Archinect's Spotlight on 2020 Thesis Projects. See the full interview here.
IE School of Architecture and Design B.Arch graduate Jose Lacruz Vela designs a new, enriched landscape that focuses on dismantling the idea of "rural picturesque" views and focuses on creating interactive and performative architectural landscapes that respond to their inhabitants. Unearthing issues facing the rural countryside of Spain, specifically in the town of Docenario in Extremadura, Spain Lacruz, Lacruz Vela uses his thesis project Rural Alchemy to "transform the landscape into holistic artificial natures, from hyper-productivity to third natures." 
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