Type: Competition 
Program: Cabanon
Location: Sabiñan, Spain
Size: 24 m2
Year: 2018
Status: Idea
Awards: Winner Arquia Scholarship 2018, Arquia Foundation
The stone on the path is a cabanon that lies in a path in between two rural towns; Sabiñan and Paracuellos de la Ribera. The artifact has views of both settlements, but also to see a mountain range in front of it, and a fruit tree field behind. It is also designed with four actions in mind; reading, bathing, writing and resting, which are reflected in each of the wings of the cabin.
As you approach the cabanon from the path, it tries to blend with the landscape as it uses a reflective film as a finishing, but it also mirrors the town you come from, allowing you to see both towns at the same time.
Cabanon with Paracuellos in the background

Site Plan



South Elevation - Paracuellos in the background

North Elevation - Sabiñan in the background

West Elevation

East Elevation

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